Not so Noble

Heading back to greet Father Percival, and learn of the status on their translation, the party encountered a Flagstone Golem, wounded by the city guardsmen. They assisted in taking it out. The captain informed the party that the new Lord of the city, Lord Grinvall, had requested to meet the people helping the city. Grinvall requested that the party assassinate another noble, one Lord Valdier, who was causing problems with the city, and threatened Lord Grinvall himself. The party sneak into the noble’s manse, incapacitate a few guards, and free a very strange Gnomish Artificer by the name of Balthus. Balthus offered the party assistance in the future, provided they allow him to escape. Naturally, they did. The party then continued upwards to the top of the tower in which Valdier resided. They discovered Valdier was a vampire, executed him, returned to Grinvall, and received their reward.

Into the crypt

Tolrin decided that the best course of action with the tablet was to leave it with his trusted friend, Father Percival in the temple district. As a form of payment, Percival requested that the party clear an abandoned catacombs, something the city guard had been pestering him to do in lieu of payment on the temple. The party agreed, and headed to the catacombs. Throughout, they’re attacked by shade creatures, which could fight in their own form or unite in order to inhabit the bodies of the dead. As they cleared the catacombs, they came to a larger room, the burial grounds of some ancient noble. A much larger shade, capable of commanding the others, engaged the party, but was eventually triumphed over. The crypts were marked with the same runes the tablet contained, and the party delivered a copy of them to Father Percival, to aid with translation.

Marketplace Abductions

The group of adventurers met within a young dwarven carpenter’s hut. Each of them was individually responding to a request on a notice board to investigate the disappearance of an alarming number of people from the market district, specifically the dwarven woman’s friend. The party headed to the market district and discovered a trail that led to a hut just outside the marketplace, inside the slums, overlooking the marketplace. They were attacked by Kenku, bird-like humanoids, a bit smaller than regular humans. After a fight with them, blasting their leader from the upstairs window, they determined that the kenku had been abducting people who display a decent amount of wealth, stealing their money, and hiding the bodies. A strange tablet with undecipherable text was found in a corner on the upper floor of the Kenku hideout.

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