Not so Noble

Heading back to greet Father Percival, and learn of the status on their translation, the party encountered a Flagstone Golem, wounded by the city guardsmen. They assisted in taking it out. The captain informed the party that the new Lord of the city, Lord Grinvall, had requested to meet the people helping the city. Grinvall requested that the party assassinate another noble, one Lord Valdier, who was causing problems with the city, and threatened Lord Grinvall himself. The party sneak into the noble’s manse, incapacitate a few guards, and free a very strange Gnomish Artificer by the name of Balthus. Balthus offered the party assistance in the future, provided they allow him to escape. Naturally, they did. The party then continued upwards to the top of the tower in which Valdier resided. They discovered Valdier was a vampire, executed him, returned to Grinvall, and received their reward.


kuragi2 kuragi2

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